Swan Valley Wine Tours - 4 Steps on How to Taste Wine and Develop Your Palate

Swan Valley Wine Tours – 4 Steps on How to Taste Wine and Develop Your Palate

Swan Valley Wine Tours – 4 Steps on How to Taste Wine and Develop Your Palate

There are people that would never go on a wine tour because they believe that they have no idea how it is done and some of the things that they are supposed to look out for. The truth is that it isn’t as hard as they think, and that is the reason why wine tours are becoming more popular by the day. As a matter of fact, most vineyards actually make most of their sales from wine tours, when people purchase directly from them. Initially, most of their sales were done through stores and other outlets. Swan Valley Wine Tours actually encourage people to go on these tours, not only to enjoy the trip but to also get to know more about wine and how the wine is made, purchasing the ones that impress their clients.

  • Look: Under neutral light, one gives the wine a visual inspection
  • Smell: Identifying aromas by breathing through the nose
  • Taste: Feel the taste structure (sour, bitter, sweet) and flavors by breathing with the back of the nose
  • Think/Conclude: Figure out the wine that can hold your memory for the long term


Appearance matters, which is why you should look out for the color, opacity, and viscosity (wine legs).


The scent of the wine should be able to tell you about the fruits in different categories such as citrus, orchard, or tropical fruits in whites or, when tasting reds, red fruits, blue fruits, or black fruits. It is important to focus broadly, and not on one note, dividing the smell into three primary categories:

  • Primary Aromas come from the grapes.
  • Secondary Aromas arise from winemaking practices and include things like yeast, cheese rind, nuts, or stale beer.
  • Tertiary Aromas are brought about by aging, usually in a bottle or oak cask, with the scents including cedar, vanilla, cured leather, etc.


Tasting is done with the tongue, and the moment you swallow it changes the aroma due to getting them retro-nasally. The tongue can figure if it is salty, sour, sweet, or bitter.


The texture of the wine is also felt by the wine and can be influenced by factors such as higher-alcohol content, and riper wine.


Some of the things to think about include if the wine was too acidic, too alcoholic, or too tannic. What impressed most about the wine? Did you like it? the list is endless.

Top Gun Wine Tours

Armed with those wine tasting tips, we are now ready to go on that wine tour. Top Gun Wine Tours offers wine tours in Swan Valley, Perth, where clients not only get to enjoy the wine tasting, they also enjoy the scenery and the meals. The tours are on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays, and they depart at 10 am, returning at 5 pm. The tour costs $124 UAD per person, which is inclusive of all wine tastings, snacks, and a delectable two-course meal (with house wine/beer) at Mandoon Estate. The pickup and drop off points for this tour are:

  • Your hotel on request
  • Wellington Tourist Coach Stand – Wellington Street, Perth
  • Guildford Train Station – James Street, Guildford

The Top Gun Wine Tour will include:

  • Sandalford Winery
  • Swanbrook Winery
  • Mandoon Estate
  • Olive Farm Wines (Tuesdays & Thursdays)
  • Sittella Winery
  • Whistler’s Chocolate Company


Wine tasting isn’t as complicated as many people think, and the more that one takes part in wine tours like the Swan Valley tours, the more that they realize it.