Swan Valley Tours - 4 Wine Tasting Tips for Beginners

Swan Valley Tours – 4 Wine Tasting Tips for Beginners

Swan Valley Tours – 4 Wine Tasting Tips for Beginners

Wine tasting can seem like something new and intimidating for beginners. There are many terms associated with wine tastings, such as acidity, tannins, and vintage years that many people don’t know. Being around experienced wine tasters when you have no idea about such terms could be overwhelming and scary. The truth is that you don’t really need to know these terms in order for you to go on that wine tasting tour. There are many companies that offer wine tasting tours across the world, and one doesn’t have to be an experienced wine taster in order to join Swan Valley Tours. There are wine tasting tips that you might want to try out while on these tours if you are inexperienced, and that is what we are going to take a look at in this article.

Swirl and Sniff

If you’re wondering why people swirl the wine in their glasses before sniffing it, it is because this is an action that lets oxygen into the wine, making its fragrance even stronger. With that in mind, you should swirl the wine in the glass and then lower your nose to the rim and breathe in deeply before tasting the wine. This prepares your palate for the wine flavours.

Swish and Spit, or Swallow?

Most people don’t know when to spit or swallow the wine. Some even think that spitting the wine out is so that people can remain sober during the wine tasting. If you take too much wine, it can be hard deciding on which one tasted best since it is hard to decide when you rent sober. That is the reason that wineries nowadays offer smaller portions of wine during the tasting so that people don’t get intoxicated easily. Back to spitting or swallowing, that entirely depends on you. You can swish and let the wine dance over your tongue to get a feel of the flavours, and then decide if you’ll spit or swallow.

Ask Questions

It is okay if you don’t know everything about things like popular wine regions, vineyard names, grape varieties, or wine flavours. You should ask the winemakers. They are usually more than willing to show off how knowledgeable they are about anything related to wine. If you like the wine, it is considered polite to purchase a bottle at the end of the tasting.

Take Notes

Unless you think that you can remember everything that you have learned about the wine tour, it is important to take notes or record. This will help you the remember everything that you learned in the future.

Top Gun Wine Tours

If you are located in Perth, Australia, and looking to go on a wine tour, you will want to check out Top Gun Wine Tours. These tours are only 25 minutes from Perth, and clients can get to relax and indulge in the wine tasting, great food, and stunning scenery. The tour takes you through premium vineyards from 10 am to 5 pm. The cost of $124 UAD per person, all inclusive, includes all wine tastings, snacks, and a delectable two-course meal (with house wine/beer) at Mandoon Estate. The pickup points for this tour are:

  • Your hotel on request
  • Wellington Tourist Coach Stand – Wellington Street, Perth
  • Guildford Train Station – James Street, Guildford

The Top Gun Wine Tour will include:

  • Sandalford Winery
  • Swanbrook Winery
  • Mandoon Estate
  • Olive Farm Wines (Tuesdays & Thursdays)
  • Sittella Winery
  • Whistler’s Chocolate Company

At the end of the tour, clients are dropped off at their collection points.


A wine tasting tour is one of the best ways to enjoy and discover the secrets of the Swan Valley, and Top Gun Wine Tour is there to make it a reality for you.