Swan Valley Wine Tours - What to Pack for a Day Trip

Swan Valley Wine Tours – What to Pack for a Day Trip

Swan Valley Wine Tours – What to Pack for a Day Trip

One of the ways that people do when they take time off, to relax, is to go on day trips. There are many different day trips that people can go on, such as the Swan Valley Wine Tours in Perth, Australia. When going on a day trip, there are things that you have to carry with you for both added comfort and safety, and that is the reason why we are going to take a look at what to pack for a day trip.

Collapsible Backpack

A collapsible backpack is easy to carry since it can fold into a very small pack and still enlarge to carry numerous things or essentials that you will need for the day trip. These could include laptops, cameras, and even clothing items.


Water plays a very important part of keeping us hydrated. It should always be available, and especially if the weather is hot and we don’t know if there will be clean drinking water where we are headed.


Fruits, energy bars, and chocolates are some of the snacks one should carry with them on their day excursions. This is especially if they will require a lot of energy for doing things like exercises during the trip. The snacks can provide instant energy and keep you full in between meals.


The trip could probably be to some beach here you can lay down and sunbathe. You’ll need sunscreen to protect your skin from the UV rays of the sun. a good sunscreen won’t leave you feeling greasy, and will preferably come in a small packaging that is easy to carry and reapply.

Lip balm

Lips tend to dry a lot when out there, and we should always carry a tube of lip balm with us. They come with many different flavours to suit your preference.


You don’t want to spend the whole time squinting due to brightness, and that is why a nice pair of sunglasses will come in handy during the day trip.

Journal and Pen

A pen and paper come in handy when you need to scribble down something, such as an idea, thoughts, directions, emaisl, or other things.

Extra Phone Battery

Many people rely on their phones for many things such as directions on Google Maps, research, contacts, emails, and a host of other things. This means that they wouldn’t want the juice running out of their batteries. They can carry extra phone batteries or power banks.


One of the best ways of preserving memories is through photos. Despite the fact that our cameras come with phones, we can always carry cameras for better photos.

Top Gun Wine Tours

Having looked at some of the things that we can carry on day trips, we are now going to take a look at Swan Valley wine tours, conducted by Top Gun Wine Tours. The tour costs $124 UAD, which covers all wine tastings, snacks, and a delectable two-course meal (with house wine/beer) at Mandoon Estate. The tour is roughly 25 minutes from Perth, and the passengers get to visit vineyards, taste wine, enjoy great food, and check out the stunning scenery. The tours begin at 10 am, ending at 5 pm, on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. The clients are picked up and dropped off at the following points:

  • Your hotel on request
  • Wellington Tourist Coach Stand – Wellington Street, Perth
  • Guildford Train Station – James Street, Guildford

The Top Gun Wine Tour will include:

  • Sandalford Winery
  • Swanbrook Winery
  • Mandoon Estate
  • Olive Farm Wines (Tuesdays & Thursdays)
  • Sittella Winery
  • Whistler’s Chocolate Company


As you plan your next day trip, ensure that you have all the essential things you might need, some of which are mentioned above. This will make life more comfortable during the trip.